Free Spirit:  This colour doesn’t try to be anyone but itself. It’s unapologetically authentic. Free Spirit’s authenticity is wholly inspiring.  Don’t ever think that Free Spirit is putting on an act or pretending to be something that it’s not. What you see is what you get.  It does love being the centre of attention, but Free Spirit refuses to adopt characteristics that aren’t its own.  FREE SPIRIT;  A colour that resembles a soft  pinkish peach, rich in colour with beautiful sparkle to complete its uniqueness. With the focus on all the latest trends and technology, we bring you the most amazing colour, from new hot and trending colours to simple everyday favourites.  At Millia we make sure every batch is checked for quality. Our colours all come in 10g jars. The colours are well pigmented and suitable for 3d acrylic designs. Peach colour with a gorgeous shimmer that you will love.

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