Malibu:  Cool, calm and collected.  Renowned for its composed demeanour, this Malibu blue is a tranquil presence.  It doesn’t intrude or pester.  Instead, it merely makes itself known.  In terms of the psyche, the colour blue is known to impact the mind positively.  Malibu Blue represents patience and understanding, which is why we feel so comfortable around it.  When overwhelming emotions consume us, we’re encouraged to decompress with this colour. It’s also commonly associated with the ocean, which further highlights its soothing essence.  MALIBU;  A bright and delightful blue colour that is almost luminous. You can feel the cool inviting colour just by looking at it! With the focus on all the latest trends and technology, we bring you the most amazing colour, from new hot and trending colours to simple everyday favourites.  At Millia we make sure every batch is checked for quality. Our colours all come in 10g jars. The colours are well pigmented and suitable for 3d acrylic designs. This colour feels like Hawaii!!! Sandy beaches and cocktails. This blue is perfect for any occasion, most definitely for a holiday! It is a beautiful blue, not quite neon but very vibrant and matte.

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