Millia Professional Elite Master Acrylic Brush


100% Pure Kolinsky Master Acrylic brush #10. It has a metal handle and lid to keep your brush safe and long lasting. This brush is truly superior quality. It is crimped at ferrule and glued with organic plant based glue. Application will be consistent and smooth. It is a lightweight brush with a large oval head that tappers to a fine point making application easy and effortless.

Brush care tips:

Storage of your brush is important. Always replace cap, leave your brush lying flat or with the bristles facing down if storing in an upright position. Remember that natural hair needs oxygen to prevent mold growth, but keep away from direct sunlight. When you dip your brush into monomer, try to keep the level of liquid below the ferrule. During the initial moulding process it is perfectly normal for your brush to shed a few hairs, once broken in, this will stop. Remember to clean your brush with monomer before the first use to remove glue that kept your brush.  Always clean your brush with monomer, after each use and drain monomer as much as possible before storing it. NEVER CLEAN YOUR BRUSH WITH ACETONE, EVER !!!! This will destroy the shine of your bristles and application will become tacky and difficult. Your brush will also become more prone to product build up.

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