Millìa Ultra bond Momomer


Millìa Ultra bond Primerless Momomer

A primer-optional system whose bonding ability is found in the liquid. This amazing EMA monomer creates the strongest of adhesive bond. This monomer comes with a “build in” primer. The result is a product that bonds the nail enhancement tightly without the need of using primer to act as the “double sided sticky tape” between the natural nail and the monomer. It will provide you with extremely strong and durable enhancements. Amazing right!!
This system is perfect for clients who is sensitive to acrylic nails. This monomer has very low odor, it is non yellowing and it is simply incredible to use. We are confident to say that once you have used this monomer, you will never use another!

You will definitely still need to do correct prepping and dehydrate the nail before application to ensure that there is no moisture and oil present, that is a minimum requirement for any enhancement to properly adhere.
For extra bonding you can use Millìa Primer although very few clients will actually need the extra bonding. This system is the very future of nail systems! We are so excited to share this experience with you all!


100ml, 200ml, 500ml

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