Pretty Plumb:  A beautiful blend of purple and red, Pretty Plum is a hue that radiates power and charm.  Known to open up the third eye, Pretty Plum helps us tap into our intuition.  When in the presence of this colour, we become more in tune with our perceptions.  As a result, we’re more mindful of our surroundings.  Plainly put, Pretty Plum inspires us to bask in the glory and splendour of life.  PRETTY PLUM;  This colour is rich and bold with its deep plum colour.  you can’t go wrong with this colour! With the focus on all the latest trends and technology, we bring you the most amazing colour, from new hot and trending colours to simple everyday favourites.  At Millia we make sure every batch is checked for quality. Our colours all come in 10g jars. The colours are well pigmented and suitable for 3d acrylic designs


20G, 8G


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