Razzmatazz: Promising possibility, understanding, and familiarity, Razzmatazz is uniquely its own. Representing the brightness and shimmering uniqueness, fearlessness, and freedom, there’s much to love about this shade. The colour Razzmatazz can also make people feel unusually excited. Razzmatazz; An intense and rich orange/red colour, beautiful and unique. With the focus on all the latest trends and technology, we bring you the most amazing colour, from new hot and trending colours to simple everyday favourites. At Millia we make sure every batch is checked for quality. Our colours all come in 10g jars. The colours are well pigmented and suitable for 3d acrylic designs. So we needed to add orange to the collection and this was a perfect fit! It is a beautiful orange with a shimmer that makes it absolutely stunning!

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