I did the 8 day beginner nail course at Millìa Professional Nail Systems in Kriel. Lisa Steyn was my trainer. She is the best! Millìa trainers really go above and beyond to help their students to become professionals. I loved every moment of the course! I highly recommend this nail course above any other! The support they provide is endless❤️
Waldéne Lehman
first of all the customer service and personal love you get with this company can't compete against others the packaging of this product is high quality making you as a nail tech feel fancy and also the clients. so many brands can't seem to get mixing of products just right so that marbling can be erased with this brand no marbling at All. it applies like butter, it's so smooth, Finley milled and long lasting there is no reason not to buy. Lisa Steyn and Michelle coetzer has such a passion for her brand you can see it when using Millìa Professional Nail Systems acrylic
Jennifer Hall
I did all of my courses through Lisa Steyn, especially the Acrylic Beginner's Course and it was the best decision I have ever made! With all the love, support and the best training, I made a big success of my small business. Best of all, after almost 4 years of doing my courses I can still ask the Team for any advice and I still get the support I need.
Bianca de Kock
My name is Rochelle du Plessis, I am the owner of BeauSkinTique and have done the Acrylic nail and art course at Millia Nail Systems a few years back, it was a very professional and well organised set up, we felt so welcome and the training taught me so much, Lisa or Michelle never leaves your side even a few years after this course if I have a question they still help me. The millia products are simply amazing I have used plenty of nail products before but the application of this products are just next level, the milia acrylic brush is my utlimate favourite I have used brushes from very expensive brands before but nothing compares to this brush it is phenomenal it makes every application so smooth. Well done Lisa and Michelle with the time and effort you guys put in to offer us one of the best brands to work with we highly appreciate it
Rochelle Du Plessis
Millia professional nail systems Definitely the best products ever. From Acrylic to Gel . They have the best tools, brushes and efile. This brand was worth moving for. I am so glad i made the decision to move to them 2 years ago. The gel is so pigmented and easy to use. The Acrylic is soft buttery and always gets to the picture you are copying. I use to hate Acrylic but thanks to Millìa i have grown to love this product, and prefer to use Acrylic. Thanks for creating and bringing this brand to South Africa.
Monique Botha

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